The elevated use of modern technology has drawn us into a world of propaganda. Driven by the connections of intoxicating entertainment and opioid development, Jenny Long has grown an interest in portraying things that are viewed as pacifying. The concept ‘Tittytainment’1 has drawn the artist’s attention into choosing subjects such as standing babies, flying pacifiers and breasts. 
Over a period of time, she has evolved and moved her practice onto breast milk and ways of generating fluids in a loop. The colour light red was used as fluids in the fountain and the glass tank. The implication is that breast milk was constituted from the mother’s blood. In general, the connotation of milk is pure and white. White symbolises innocence, benignity and purity; it is also the colour of most oral medications that used to treat pain, anxiety and depression. 
The audience who can read this statement is most likely not an infant. ‘R:eproduction’ is unusual since multiple giant breasts don’t appear in daily situations. Only babies would think a pair of breasts as big, and that would well be their whole world. Another thing people don’t see in their daily lives is probably an indoor fountain. Breast milk is great for babies, but an unlimited amount of it could potentially drown them. 
In the artist’s perspective, everything is excessive, on the loop, the television, the breast milk, and the prescriptions for medication. The artist wanted to express her work as a glitch in reality, almost like what we were thought was true could all be fake, because it is all propaganda.





In addition to my work, I am also passionate about 3D printing. I primarily use the Ender 5pro machine for printing at home. This hobby allows me to explore and experiment with various designs and ideas, ultimately leading to the creation of unique and personalised objects.
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